REUNION ISLAND, A unique place, a part of the Unesco World Heritage

Thanks to its incredible diversity, up to 3069 meters, Reunion Island has a lot to offer !
From wild valleys to active volcano, from clear lagoon to rain forest, from waterfalls to traditional villages, you will explore the island to discover the fascinating landscapes and feel its authenticity, its culture and history

SAINT LEU, seaside resort, historical city and cultural heritage

On the west sunny coast, lined by a clear lagoon, Saint Leu has much more to offer than just sun and sea
The city dating from the 18th century, enables you to discover buildings from the Trade Ship company, such as the Town Hall and the post office, a very pleasant sea front with walking area, small fishermen harbour and shopping main street
An open air market takes place every Saturday morning, on the seaside, occasion to find excellent and fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, spices, flowers, etc.

AROUND SAINT LEU , do not miss

KELONIA, dedicated to sea turtles, for a better scientific knowledges of their migrations, a place also to treat injured turtles before to release in the ocean

BOTANICAL GARDEN, a place to protect most of the endemic plants which can be find in the island

Basaltic church in town

église saint leu

The “souffleur” spot, on the sea side

souffleur saint leu

And Saint Leu is definitely a MUST for anyone who wish to try a paragliding flight with a monitor, with its famous spot for a unique experience, a flight in blue sky before landing on the beach